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EA Productions offers free consultations. We will look at what you have, give evaluation and suggestions to either improve your current setup or give a plan to take the correct steps in the future.
We handle installation for studios from software to hardware. We can design a studio and advise the best gear combination to meet your needs. We will make sure your studio setup is configured to run at its full capability. EA Productions has had years of experience setting up and configuring many studios from Large production facilities to small home studios. We also handle room treatment recommendations.
In today’s audio world, installations are very expensive and companies tend to charge way more than what the client needs. We at EA Productions will give you a design that is tailored to your specific needs. This means that whether your budget is large or small we will still recommend the most important projects in order of importance, so that you can see the progress in your current situation. EA Production handles all your installation needs from houses of worship, to clubs, venues or other places where sound reinforcement is needed. Installation can involve anything from running wire/cable, soldering, mounting stage boxes or hanging speakers, etc.